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We are a Tournament Organizer running Magic The Gathering cEDH Tournaments.
Our main goal is to grow the cEDH Scene in Europe, providing a High Quality tournament experience to all players.

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The road to lisbon starts here

cEDH European Championship 2024


2024 will set new standards for the European cEDH Community while TO´s from different countries joined forces to bring everyone the best year of cEDH ever! below you can find some of the basics on how it is going to work.

From February 2024 to October 2024 several Invitational will be held all over Europe, and winners will earn an invitation to join us in Lisbon on November 16th and 17th for the grand Season Finale.
This will be the best tournament to date from the cEDH PT and you don´t want to miss it.

We are aware that not all communities are the same in EU, and as we want to thrive as one solid community, we need to be careful to not exclude or benefit any countries.
With this in mind all countries will have priority tickets for their community to be represented, so if you do not have nearby Invitational Events and you want to come and represent your Country, please contact us and we will take care of you and your team.
Note that priority tickets must be purchased until the end on March, after that deadline you wont be able to buy one except from Invitational Events.

It is expected close to 100 Invitational Events during the Invitational Season, and this means the winners will be awarded a slot for Lisbon, and additional priority tickets depending on community size and/or number of invitational events.
This numbers may grow as we found new communities along the way, this means that winning Invitational Events is very important to secure your slot.

Some priority tickets can be allocated to players participating invitational events (This means those players can choose to purchase a ticket on spot for the event), this will be decided by each TO in every country due to player base or leagues already happening (Please contact your TO for full information regarding your Country).

In total 200 Players will be playing in Lisbon, and as we want to have the best quality field of players, we are aiming for the following distribution on tickets: 47% Invitational Tickets + 28% Priority Tickets + 25% Public Tickets.

Public Tickets will be sold in 2 or 3 Waves, the 1st wave in April 2024 where only 50 tickets will be available for purchase, and the 2nd wave in July 2024 with the unclaimed priority tickets from already finished invitational events.
Note that the 3rd wave will only happen to fill cancelations and/or last minute unclaimed tickets, and will be properly announced

For those eager to compete, and/or with no other ways of doing it but Online, Ka0s Tournaments will be running Online Invitational Events, The Phanteon with a Leaderboard, where players can earn points: Top 10 Ranked Players in the end of the season will also be awarded with Invitational Tickets to compete in Lisbon.

We wish good luck to everyone on the road to Lisbon

How to?

This could be done by purchasing a Public Ticket or winning an Invitational Event

Invitational Events will be held all over Europe, and will have different rule sets based on community size and already stablished standards, this means Playtest Cards policy may be different from country to country as they adapt the best way to serve their own players. For full information about the rules for Lisbon, please read the Tournament Rules document.  

Depending on TO/Country, Priority Tickets will also be available for purchasing, those can be allocated in any way a TO´s think is the best way for their own national circuits/Country.

In Partnership with Ka0s Tournaments, a series of Invitational Events will be held Online, in total 9 Events where players can compete from February-October.

Less represented Countries (with no TO allocated) will also be awarded Priority Tickets so that they can represent their country, you will need to contact us to claim those tickets.

Please contact your local TO regarding the event you would like to attend in order to have more information about rules and tournament structure for that specific event.

If you have any additional questions, please join the cEDH Europe Championship Discord Server

Phanteon Series powered by ka0s

In Partnership with Ka0s Tournaments, a series of Invitational Events will be held Online, in total 9 Events where players can compete from February-October.

By playing in those Events you will earn points, and fight for your slot in the Online Leaderboard, plus additional prize support
At the end of the Season the Top 10 players will be awarded a Invitational Ticket for Lisbon.
This will be another way for players to fight for a slot in the finals, while testing decks and the meta in the comfort of your home.

There will be a strict set of rules in order to be able to participate, and any kind of cheating wont be tolerated and will lead to BAN/DQ from the championship and all associated events.

- If possible always record your games
- If something seems shady, call a judge
- Always make sure players shuffle properly and use the Brazilian cut (3 Piles)
- Cards should be visible on screen at ALL TIME.

Point system:
1st: 40 points
2nd-4th: 30 points
5th-16th: 20 points
17th-32nd: 10 points
33rd-64th: 5 points

Note: Only the 3 best results will be considered for each player, this means you can participate in all of them, and climb the leaderboard upgrading your best results.

Leaderboard tie-breaks:

TOP 4 Split 10 Dual Lands

Picking order for TOP 4: (4-2-2-2)
- 1st: Picks 2 Dual Lands
- 2nd: Picks 1 Dual Land
- 3rd: Picks 1 Dual Land
- 4th: Picks 2 Dual Land
- 3rd: Picks 1 Dual Land
- 2nd: Picks 1 Dual Land
- 1st: Gets the 2 remaining Dual Lands

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th: Split 10 OG Dual Lands (4-2-2-2) + Dragon Shield Exclusive Pack of Sleeves
5th - 125 EUR MKM Coupon + Dragon Shield Exclusive Pack of Sleeves
6th - 125 EUR MKM Coupon + Dragon Shield Exclusive Pack of Sleeves
7th - 125 EUR MKM Coupon +Dragon Shield Exclusive Pack of Sleeves
8th - 125 EUR MKM Coupon + Dragon Shield Exclusive Pack of Sleeves

Note: 2nd to 4th picks are decided based on Standings
The Winner will also be awarded a
Champion Playmat and a cEDH European Champion Trophy


Tournament Structure

Round Time: 75m + 1 Extra Turn p/ Active player when time is called.
Day 1: 6 Swiss Rounds
Day 2: 1 Round of Swiss + 1/4 Finals + /2 Finals + Finals

Wins will award 5 Points, a draw 1 Point and a Loss 0 Points, a bye will also award 5 Points

TOP 40 Structure:

The Top 8 players in Standings after the 7 Swiss Rounds will advance automatically to the Semi Finals, while the remaining 32 players will be playing the Quarter Finals, winners will then move on joining the Top 8 players.

Those 16 Players will be playing the Semi Finals, and Winners advancing to TOP 4

More detailed information can be found here: Tournament Rules Document



Day 1

Day 2

Check in: 9am
Check In: 9am
Round 1
Round 7
Round 2
Top 40 CUT
Round 3
1/4 Finals
Round 4
1/2 Finals
Round 5
Round 6

VIP Executive Entrecampos

Avenida 5 de Outubro 295, 1600-035 Lisboa
Nestled in the financial and business centre of Lisbon, the VIP Executive Entrecampos Hotel & Conference draws your attention to its interesting exterior design with suitable interiors.  The hotel has the advantage of being close to Entrecampos Square, which is a few minutes away from the airport and the historical centre of Lisbon.



How can i get a ticket?
why do i need an Eminence account?
How do i submit my decklist?
What is the Refund policy?
What if i already bought a ticket and win a Invitational event?
Are proxys allowed?
Are alters allowed?
Are players from outside EU allowed in the event?
I Have some mobility problems, and its hard moving around the venue, can i participate?
Where and When will be the Event in Lisbon?
Can i go to the event if im not playing?
What about vendors and artists?
I Won 2 Invitational Events, can i give one entry to a friend?
Is there any Side Events planned ?
is there any discount if staying in the hotel venue?

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